A Must-See of Alabama--Stephens Gap!!

By Stacy Bean, Girls Who Hike Alabama Ambassador


Stephens Gap is found in Jackson County, near Woodville, AL. This cave has been acquired by SCCi, Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc, which ensures that it is protected and preserved for future generations of hikers, cavers, and other enthusiasts. Before venturing to this destination, a free online permit and liability release must be obtained through SCCi’s website.


The adventure starts at the parking area off of Alabama Highway 35. From there, a short and easy hike, about 2 miles round trip, leads you up to the two main openings of the cave with a waterfall. 


A wide walk-in passage as well as a 143-ft pit entrance that can only be reached by rappelling. 


The walk in entrance can be slippery and pretty steep, so be sure to watch your step.

Once inside, if there has been ample rainfall, you can see a waterfall cascading down the far side of the vertical shaft and hear its echoes throughout the cavern. 

The dancing rays of sunlight slipping through the openings illuminate the cave’s interior. Depending on the time of day and time of year, no visit inside this cave will look precisely the same--lending to an astonishing experience every time!

There is also a natural “pedestal”. Many use this for picture opportunities, and it is a great spot to rappel onto. 


If you plan to visit Stephens Gap be sure to bring:
• Required permits/paperwork
• Good hiking shoes
• Clothing that you don’t mind to get dirty
• Headlamp
• Camera

Be prepared to be amazed, this site is a must-see and never disappoints!

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