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Hiking and going on about it

We are a group of hiking friends who not only love the outdoors but who also have a deep desire to write about our experiences, which places we loved visiting, what equipment we found to be worthwhile, and so on.

“A walk in nature walks the soul back home.”

Mary Davis


The Prior "Girls Who Hike" Organization

We were simply creating a website to write for and connect with others who share our love of the outdoors. We have since found out, that this domain name used to be owned by an Organization of the same name, with the stated mission:

Our mission at Girls Who Hike is to create a community of like-minded women who can connect, network, and discover together through our local trails.

To be clear: We are NOT associated with this apparently discontinued organization and did not hike with them when they were around. But we love the statement!


So here, in respectful admiration, a bit of what we could dig up about our “website ancestors”:

Hiking woman
Hikers Wearing Backpacks Walking on Pathway

Established in December 2015, Girls Who Hike was a nationally recognized hiking organization based in the United States. They were designed to connect women with other local women to hit the trails together, but their members also utilized the Girls Who Hike web of chapters while traveling around the United States.. because there’s nothing quite like a “local’s pick” when it comes to finding a hidden gem in unknown places. They had 55 chapters throughout the nation with additional chapters on the radar – as of 2018 (where our investigative trail ended).

Girls Who Hike was more than just regular hiking meetups; it was a forum to discuss trail conditions, buy/sell local used gear, discuss various topics about the great outdoors, receive recommendations on anything from waterfall hikes to new hiking poles, and more. An “army” of over 60,000 members.. all counting down the days to our next outdoor adventure, with a range of experience. Striving for their members to educate, encourage, and network with other members when it comes to motivating women to join the outdoors movement. Newbies who have never stepped foot on a trail conversing with other members who practically grew up in the backcountry. A platform for women to empower other women. A strong community based on positive and constructive interaction. And free to join.


We wonder what became of this organization. Maybe discontinued due to COVID? If you know more, drop us a line. We’re curious.

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