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Arkansas - Sam's Throne Trail

Join ambassador Lynn Beibers Cox for a hike on Sam's Throne Trail

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Date: 5/27/19 Memorial Day
Meeting Time: 9:00 AM
Name: Sam's Throne Trail
Address: Hwy 123 Jasper, AR
Distance: 2.75 mi loop trail
Hours: Approximately 3 hours
Elevation Gain: 331 feet
All Trails Link:
Rating: GREEN: Mellow hike, easy to follow. Novice hikers welcome! 2L of water required.
Dogs: yes
Men: yes
Kids: yes
Permits/Passes: Not required
Water: 2 Liters per person

***As with all GWH events, you must sign the GWH waiver before attending – it takes less than a minute to sign, and once you’ve signed it once you’re good to go for all future meetups***

The trailhead is in the park near the visitor center 
Meet us at the trailhead by 9:00 AM! We will do introductions then hit the trail no later than 9:15. You should wear hiking boots or protective trail shoes and bring your 10 hiking essentials as well as snacks or a sack lunch.

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