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Walking For Miles On Dirt

“If I had a dollar for every time I get asked what my love affair with walking for miles on dirt is all about, I'd be rich. I often chuckle & think to myself, "What isn't it about?"“
In this blog post, Girls Who Hike Colorado Ambassador, Jessy, shares with us what “walking on dirt” is all about.

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On Summits and Self-Love

In this blog post, Girls Who Hike Orange County Ambassador speaks about climbing mountains as a form of self-love. As Melia says, “self-care and self-love are important. Sometimes it's as simple as running your hands on your thick thighs and being thankful, rather than critical. Sometimes it's saying "you can do it" instead of questioning if you'll make it. Sometimes it's remembering you got back up and not that you fell down. Self-care is about saying yes to yourself. Listening to yourself. Being your own biggest fan. Showing up for yourself.”

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