Why I Love Hiking Solo

By Emily Caffry, Girls Who Hike Maine Ambassador


Having moved to a new state by myself less than 2 years ago, almost everything I do is flying solo at this point, and hiking is no different. I love hiking with the friends I’ve made from work and through GWH, but solo adventures will always be my favorite. I like being able to take a million water breaks on the way up. I like taking uphills extremely slow and then literally sprinting downhill. I like taking a million selfies (almost all my hiking pics are selfies, except for the time an extremely kind older couple took a picture of me out on a lookout and then airdropped it to me…) Sometimes people can be critical of young women exploring the outdoors alone, but I would encourage any girl to give solo hiking a try - set your own pace, turn around wherever you want, and just enjoy your time outside alone to get your thoughts together. Just make sure you bring all the right supplies and tell someone where you’re going! :)

Emily is the Ambassador for our Maine chapter. You can join her local meet ups and discussions through Girls Who Hike Maine by clicking here.