Whipps Ledges

By Nicole Brown, Girls Who Hike Ohio Ambassador


Whipps Ledges is in Hinckley Reservation. It is one of the few places in Northeast Ohio that has exposed sandstone ledges of Sharon Conglomerate. The geology not only provides unique recreational rock climbing opportunities (by permit only) but also unique habitats. Natural seeps originating from the ledges support rare species like native brook trout.


The sandstone ledges are an unique feature in Hinckley reservation because they rise above the lake at 350 feet in elevation. There are some cool old carvings made by the visitors on the sandstone. It was created over 250 million years ago. You can find the carvings along the main stone staircase leading up to the top of the ledges.


Ohio really keeps surprising me. This is a gem and it’s hard to believe this place is just minutes from restaurants and shopping malls. This place is absolutely spectacular. I wouldn’t recommend this trail for any children under three years old because the hiking is rugged. If you have children that tire easily, don’t worry, this hike is only 1.25 miles in length!


My favorite part about hiking this trail was how small I felt compared to all the rocks! It’s a great place to take pictures and climb between rocks and cliffs. If you’re ever near Hinckley, Ohio I really recommend this trail to hike! I went in the winter time but I hear it’s gorgeous in the summer, so I’ll be back!


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