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10 Accessible Adventures in National Parks

Have you found your park? Girls Who Hike Tennessee Ambassador, Victoria Godwin, shares 10 accessible adventures in National Parks throughout the country. As Victoria says, "One of my favorite things about the National Park system is that it offers something for everybody, no matter one’s background, interests, age, or abilities. While many parks have facilities that were built before the creation of the ADA act in 1990, the National Park Service strives to create parks and facilities that can be enjoyed by all, including those with permanent or temporary disabilities, limited mobility, hearing/visual impairments, and their companions. This list is by no means exhaustive, but provides a snapshot of some of the diverse experiences the parks have to offer!

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Know Before You Go: Winter Hiking

Hiking during traditional off season means gorgeous snowy mountains and vast wilderness without a person in sight. However, the serenity of winter hiking comes with dangers, such as avalanche threats. In this blog post, Girls Who Hike Utah Ambassador, Patrycja Witt, discusses how to be prepared for avalanche conditions.

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"Please, Feed the Hikers": Backpacking Food to Satisfy

Are you looking for new ideas for backpacking food? Girls Who Hike Central Coast Ambassador Avery Nicol shares a few tips for new backpacking foods and where to buy them! As Avery says, "During my last backpacking trip we felt like we went a tad overboard, not only did we bring too much food but the grub we did bring didn’t do the trick to appease my rumbling appetite. With that being said, here I have compiled a couple links to tasty meals and treats that you can throw in your pack that will make a cookout fit for a queen (or king) and make your grocery trip a breeze."

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