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Half Dome: How A Marmot and a Mountain Helped Me Move On

Have you ever hiked Half Dome? Is it on your bucket list?
In this blog post, Girls Who Hike Los Angeles Ambassador, Mia, tells the story of her first summit of Half Dome in which she found strength after sexual assault and empowerment from a humbling climb and a willing listener.
As Mia says, "Half Dome, and the conversation I had with that marmot changed my life. It’s the best thing that I’ve ever done for myself. It was the last piece that was missing. I am so grateful to this group, to that marmot, and for whatever forces put it all in motion. A year before Half Dome I had been a shadow of myself, I had gone almost a week without talking to anyone other than my dog, I had been afraid to make eye contact with anybody, including myself in the mirror. Half Dome helped me remind myself that I was strong, capable, and powerful by myself."

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Overcoming Group Hike Anxiety

Girls Who Hike Inland Empire Ambassador Naomy talks honestly about group hike anxiety and how to overcome it. As Naomy says, "A lot of people are surprised when they find out I struggle with anxiety, especially now as an Ambassador. But don’t get me wrong, it took me a long time to overcome that initial fear of committing to a hike, especially with strangers. In fact, I STILL feel this way at times before my official meet-ups. But it gets better each time. I close my eyes and just jump right in. I fight these invisible battles with myself every single time and force myself to overcome because I know that it will be worth it. It gets easier each time..."

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