Shout Out to the "Slow Hikers"

By Christa Sellers, Girls Who Hike Texas Ambassador

Since becoming a Girls Who Hike Texas Ambassador last July, I have had my fair share of ladies commenting about deeming themselves a "slow hiker." I have received many public and private messages inquiring about how we handle ladies that aren't at the same pace as the main group. I want to have a quick chat with all the "slow hikers." 

I, too, consider myself a "slow hiker." I am 100% okay with this title and here is why. If I am taking the time from the daily hustle and bustle, I am going to enjoy it. Every minute of every hour you are awake, you are most likely thinking of things that need to get done. You are creating this "to-do list" in your head: meals for the next week, take the dog to the vet, clean the house, do the laundry, pay bills, workout, and stressing about life in general, the list goes on. Your mind, and often times your physical being are running around faster than you can even think. So, next time you feel like you're going to, "hold the group up" think again. 
The amazing thing about the outdoors and people that love the outdoors is that everyone, well mostly everyone, is going to be in no rush to get anywhere. (Unless, everyone is starving, then you better hustle to get to that campsite.) The pure beauty of fellow outdoor lovers is the simple fact that no matter if they are standing around waiting for you, they are truly enjoying the view and time their time. Being outside is everyone's escape from this, "I need it now. I want it now" society that we live in.

So, next time you have second thoughts about meeting up with a hiking group or accepting an invitation to go on a hiking trip with a new group of friends, just say yes. At the end of the day, we are only rushing to get back to the "rat race, social media crazed world anyway. So, take your time and enjoy the views. Besides, if you're rushing to get through the trail, you're missing all the beauty the trail has to offer. The point of loving the outdoors is to recharge and take in all this magnificent beauty that surrounds us. 

You'll gain far more respect and be rewarded with amazing memories for lacing up those shoes and being "slow" than sitting at home and passing up an amazing opportunity. There's always one person that will be slower in any group, so, own it, and while you're at it, enjoy all the amazing things that the person blazing through the trail won't get to see. Happy hiking to all my fellow, "slow hikers" keep up your "snail pace!"

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