Querer Es Poder: Where There is a Will There is a Way

By Dulce Natalie, Girls Who Hike San Diego Ambassador


Querer es Poder losely translates to if you want it, you’ll be able to. Many times we come up with excuses on why we aren’t where we’re supposed to. We have excuses for why we’re late, why we don’t travel, why we don’t exercise or why we can’t hike. Sometimes these are legitimate reasons on why we can’t but I encourage you to try. We are surrounded by many inspirational people that teach us that it’s possible if we set our minds to it. (Some examples include, Climb For Heroes, and other inspirational members who have shared their stories).

For me, that person is my younger sister. She’ll be 21 years old this fall. Since she was young she’s been in and out of the hospital. Two years ago she had open heart surgery and did mighty well. Last year, she had a major surgery on her foot. Not even two months post-surgery we took a family trip to Sequoia National Park. With her cast and all, she climbed all those stairs to Moro Rock. She was determined. She was happy. She was excited. She kept sharing with others the joy of this being her first hike with her sister (me). She has many physical limitations yet she pushes herself to go accompany me on small hikes. She may have to push a little harder but the reward is worth it and she gets herself out there.


Don’t let your circumstances stop you from going outdoors. We are all full of busy schedules and we’re good at coming up with excuses (trust me, I know!) but if you wish it, if you really desire to be outdoors, then there will be a way. Querer es Poder! Get out there and explore. It only requires you to take that first step to get out there.

Natalie is the ambassador for our San Diego chapter. You can join her local meetups and discussions through GWHSD by clicking here.