Meet the #GWHAmbassadors: Stacy Bean


Stacy Bean

Hometown/Current Home: 
I was born in Arab, Alabama. But my father was in the Marine Corps and we have lived all over the US. Currently reside in Joppa, AL.

What chapter are you an Ambassador for?: 

How long have you been a part of Girls Who Hike?: 
I joined the organization in June 2017, and took on the role of Ambassador in October 2017! 

How did you find the Girls Who Hike organization?: 
A friend of mine was the GWHAL ambassador and added me to the Facebook group.

What made you want to become a Girls Who Hike Ambassador?: 
I wanted to become a GWH Ambassador because I thought it would be a great way to meet other like-minded women and share my love of the outdoors with others! 

How did you get into hiking?: 
I got started hiking as a child with my dad. He would take me hunting/fishing/hiking…He inspired my love for the outdoors. As “life happened”, I stepped away from hiking for several years, now that I’m back at it, I don’t see myself EVER slowing down or stopping again! 

What's your favorite thing about spending time in the outdoors?: 
-I love hiking because no matter where I might be or what is going on in life, it is an opportunity to step away and refresh. 
-I love it because it allows me to push my boundaries…when you complete a hike that was difficult, that you weren’t sure you would be able to complete—you get a sense of strength, accomplishment, and a drive to step out of my comfort zone to do more and see more! 
-I love hiking because there is a BIG BEAUTIFUL world out there!— I want to see as much as I possibly can. My favorite quote and personal motto: “The world is big and I want to get a good look at it before it gets dark.” -John Muir

List three things you can't go hiking without: 
Water & Snacks, My phone, Inhaler! 

What do you love the most about being a Girls Who Hike Ambassador?: 
I love being able to get out and connect with other women who share my love for the outdoors!

What advice would you give ladies who are new to hiking?: 
“Hike your own hike.” 
Don’t doubt yourself or compare yourself to others out on the trails. We all have to begin somewhere! Hiking is like anything else…it takes time and practice. Join a hiking group, do your research, ask questions, start off slow and do what you can. 
It does not matter how far you walk, where you’re hiking at, or your physical appearance….YOU are a HIKER!! Don’t let anything hold you back, just get up and GO!

Stacy is the Ambassador for our Alabama chapter. You can join her local meetups and discussions through the Alabama chapter by clicking here.

To become a member of Girls Who Hike, click here.