Meet the #GWHAmbassadors: Sharon Jones


Name: Sharon Jones

Hometown/Current Home: I was born in New Jersey. I have spent most of my life in Arizona. I moved to West Virginia in September 2017. 

What chapter are you an Ambassador for?: West Virginia

How long have you been a part of Girls Who Hike?: I joined the organization in December 2017. I became the Ambassador for West Virginia in January 2018! 

How did you find the Girls Who Hike organization?: I joined a Facebook group about women and hiking. Someone in that group mentioned the Girls Who Hike organization in a post.

What made you want to become a Girls Who Hike Ambassador?: I enjoy hiking. I planned on exploring my new home state by traveling, hiking, and heading outdoors. When I joined the Girls Who Hike organization there was an ambassador opening in West Virginia. Since I am new to the state and didn’t really know anyone I thought this would be an excellent way to meet new people while exploring my new surroundings.

How did you get into hiking?: I started hiking as a way to get in some exercise while bonding with my daughter, my mother, and my friends.

What's your favorite thing about spending time in the outdoors?: I enjoy the feeling I get being outside. There’s something very therapeutic about being outdoors. Whether it’s spotting animals, listening to birds, or basking in the quiet, it’s hard to have a bad day outside.

List three things you can't go hiking without: Lip balm, sunscreen, and a camera.  

What do you love the most about being a Girls Who Hike Ambassador?: I like the connection I have made with like minded women. There’s a bond that occurs on the trail that is difficult to achieve in other aspects of life. It’s amazing to me how you can get to know quite a bit about someone while hiking together. 

What advice would you give ladies who are new to hiking?: Get out there and do it. Don’t be afraid. Seek advice from others. Short hikes are still hikes. Take it easy at first; build up to more difficult treks. That’s one of the great things about this organization. We have ladies with all different experience levels. Our shared love of hiking brings us together

Sharon is the ambassador for West Virginia. You can join her local meetups and discussions through GWHWV by clicking HERE.