Meet our #GWHAmbassadors: Jaclyn Garcia

Name: Jaclyn Garcia

Hometown/Current Home: I was born and raised in Clarkston, Michigan an adorable small town in southeast Michigan. The East Bay in Northern California has been my home for just under a year. I currently reside in Castro Valley. 
What chapter are you an Ambassador for?: San Francisco NorCal!

How long have you been apart of Girls Who Hike?: I joined the organization in October 2017. I became an ambassador in January 2018.

How did you find the Girls Who Hike organization?: My very first friend that I met here in California invited me to GWH.

What made you want to become a Girls Who Hike Ambassador?: I had my first hike in October with the GWH SF NorCal group. Amanda Bartell hosted a lovely hike in Tahoe. I was amazed by the strong women I met while hiking. I had been struggling to meet like-minded girls since moving to the area. I wanted to help bring more strong women together through nature. Hiking is great for the soul. It is always a wonderful time enjoying the trails with friends.

How did you get into hiking?: I have always loved spending time outdoors. I really got into hiking while visiting my sister in Hawaii. I love the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a strenuous hike. However, the most gratifying moment for me is the jaw dropping views of our planet earth. I also love being able to truly connect again with your hiking partners. Nature is therapeutic to me. It soothes the soul. There are no distractions from TV, email or your phone.

What's your favorite thing about spending time in the outdoors?: I love soaking up all the beauty the nature provides to us. It is a real treat being able to get away from work, emails and all of life’s stresses. 

List three things you can't go hiking without: Water, a hat and some snacks! I love almonds and any type of candy I always remember to apply Tarte BB cream moisturizer with SPF. Gotta take care of your skin! Even when it’s overcast you can still get burnt.

What do you love the most about being a Girls Who Hike Ambassador?: I love meeting new people. There are so many positive people to connect with through the GWH Group. It really is an amazing organization.

What advice would you give ladies who are new to hiking?: Don’t rush. Take it slow and easy. Don’t be concerned about being slow or new to hiking. We don’t mind taking breaks or extra photo sessions along the trails. We all enjoy slowing things down when we have the chance to enjoy nature and great company. Hiking is for everyone. Get out there!


Jaclyn is the Ambassador for our SF/NorCal chapter. You can join her local meetups and discussions through the SF/NorCal chapter by clicking here.

To become a member of Girls Who Hike, click here.