Hidden Gems of Maine: LaVerna Preserve in Bristol

By Emily Caffry, Girls Who Hike Maine Ambassador

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite hikes in Maine - La Verna Preserve! 

The preserve has 2.5 miles of trails, winding from the woods out to the ocean and back. The reason this hike is one of my favorites is because of the SMELL! I know that might sound weird, but to me there is nothing better than the smell of woods mixed with the smell of the ocean!

I also love how you can venture out onto the rocks and get closer to the water. Funny story about the picture of me on the rocks… I mostly hike solo so only get selfies, but I met the nicest older couple when I hiked here last fall and the husband had taken a picture of me out there and then air dropped it to me!

There are also tons of other hiking opportunities in the area, also maintained by the amazing Pemaquid Watershed Association, including the Crooked Farm Preserve, Doyle Preserve, and Bearce-Allen Preserve.

If you’re ever in central Maine - definitely check out the hiking in Bristol! 

For more information on these trails, check out http://www.pemaquidwatershed.org.

Emily is the Ambassador for our Maine chapter. You can follow her adventures @emcaff. To join her local meetups and discussions through the Maine chapter, click here.