Lanterman’s Mill

By Nicole Brown, Girls Who Hike Ohio Ambassador

In April, my friend and I ventured out to explore Lanterman’s Mill in Youngstown, Ohio. Lanterman’s Mill is a part of the Mill Creek Metro Parks and definitely an Ohio hidden treasure. The parking area is located off East Park Drive. From the parking lot, we followed the trail under the Canfield Road bridge and caught sight of the 23-foot high waterfall that is next to Lanterman’s Mill.


Lanterman’s Mill is named after German Lanterman who built the mill in 1846 with his brother-in-law Samuel Kimberly. Lanterman’s Mill used an overshot water wheel for most of its existence but transformed into turbines before eventually closing because of it no longer being used in 1888. Mill Creek Park was established in 1891 and used the six-story structure for years. It was used as a nature and historical museum space, office or storage for the park, bathhouse, and a concession stand for when people swam in the creek. When Ward Beech Foundation donated in 1982, the mill began to get restored to its working condition. The restored mill opened in working condition and continues to grind grains for flour and meal. 

East Gorge Walk

e enjoyed the beauty of the mill itself but also the East Gorge Walk and West Gorge Trail. Both trails are accessible from Lanterman’s Mill. Both trails combine to be a 2-mile loop that takes you along both sides of Mill Creek. I enjoyed this trail because it puts you right next to the water and there’s lots of ledges. Below are the pictures I captured during this trail.


West Gorge Trail

This trail is more above the water and higher up. My friend and I felt very adventurous, so we climbed down a lot of steep hills to stand on large rocks to see the water.


Hidden Waterfalls

There’s double waterfall just under the Cascade Road bridge. It's not marked and there's no parking lot nearby, but a wooden boardwalk leads down to the first waterfall, which plunges into a little round pool. It was truly magical. We continued walking about ten minutes and found another smaller waterfall and we decided to actually climb down to take closer pictures.


Ohio Gem

Youngstown, Ohio is about an hour away from Akron which is where I live. I really recommend this place to anyone who is living in Ohio. It is seriously so much fun to visit and explore there. I went in the winter and it felt like a winter wonderland, but I do want to explore again in the summer or fall. Happy Hiking, ladies!


Nicole is the ambassador for our Ohio chapter. To join her local meetups and discussions through the Ohio chapter, click here.