How to Go to the Bathroom Outdoors

By Bianca Ceballos, Girls Who Hike Florida Ambassador

Let’s face it, sometimes on those long hikes you just have to go. I myself have done many overnight hikes where I have to camp out, which obviously involves a few times of bathroom use. I will list it out simply with the basic information to be a considerate bathroom user. So first I’ll begin with the major no-no’s.


1.) Do not pee within 200 ft of small bodies of water.
2.) Do not just toss your toilet paper on the ground.
3.) Do not poop in any bodies of water.


1.) Do bring a bag to collect and dispose of waste material such as toilet paper and wet wipes once you return home.
2.) Do bring some germ-x or environmentally friendly soap that can be utilized within close bodies of water.


3.) Do bring a light-weight trowel to help assist in digging a 6-8 inch deep x 4 inch wide hole for pooping. Again, make sure to dispose of any toilet paper or wet wipes in a plastic bag and NOT in the dug hole.
4.) Do consider practicing with and bringing a pStyle or Go Girl (tools that allows girls to pee standing up like men). The pStyle even provides directions for how to get rid of most if not all droplets of pee post-pee. This has definitely made it a lot easier to be inconspicuous while peeing and also prevents the probability of peeing on your shoes/underwear/shorts. I recommend standing on a down sloping hill which will also prevent the pee from back flowing.


5.) At the end of the day a good old squat should do the trick, just try to pee on a more cushioned area to prevent splash back. Cushioned areas can include dry pine needles.