Grand Canyon National Park

By Sharon Jones, Girls Who Hike West Virginia Ambassador


Millions of people visit the Grand Canyon National Park annually. Most people know the Grand Canyon as one of the seven natural wonders of the world.


My first visit to the Grand Canyon was definitely a memorable one. It was the summer after fifth grade. My dad took the family on a vacation across the country from the east coast to the west coast. The Grand Canyon was one of our many stops. Not being familiar with the terrain, area, etc., my dad led my mom, my sister and I down to the bottom and back in the same day. It was a very long day and although we survived, it is certainly not the recommended way to hike the canyon.


Shortly after that vacation (probably in large part due to that trip), we ended up moving to Flagstaff, Arizona. There were many more trips to the canyon in my future. Over the years I have visited, hiked and wandered about the Grand Canyon numerous times. Anytime we had visitors from out of town we took them there to share its wonder. 

Even though I have visited the canyon many times, I still learn new things about it. For example: There is a memorial in the park that honors those who lost their lives in a 1956 mid-air collision between two planes. 


One thing I have found unique about the canyon is that no matter how many times I see it, it is always different.


If you are interested in traveling to the Grand Canyon, there are many ways to view it. You can hike. You can backpack. You can travel by mule. You can white water raft the Colorado River. Or, you can simply view it from an observation point.


The National Park Service offers trip planning publications for those interested in visiting the Grand Canyon.

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