More Connected Being Disconnected

by Taylar Main, Girls Who Hike Vermont Ambassador

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"More connected being disconnected"... whoa, oxymoron much? But seriously I have never felt more connected to Mama nature in my life. I live off Grid, in the woods in a cabin, unconnected to telephone poles and the mass of wires. Just my cabin a solar panel and my wits.

I have to laugh at myself because writing about it makes it sound so luxurious. For a lot of people hiking over a mile home in the dark while it's raining, snowing or more likely sleeting out while hauling your groceries and purse and god knows what from your car doesn't always feel like a luxury. 

Aside from all of that, I feel more Human, more alive, more connected than I ever have experienced before. It dawned on me a year ago that I am so connected to nature now because I listen to her and flow my days aside hers. 


If it is raining and she is nourishing herself I to must take the time to nourish myself, so I do so. I will often sit down with a book take advantage of the rainy day, clean and let myself be nourished. If she is allowing the sun to touch her face I let the sun touch my face and I dig my feet into the dirt and let myself grow. I take that time to garden, do outdoor activities and feel the warm sun hit my skin and feel myself getting stronger. I do everything at the pace of the weather. Some days I can't leave my house because of ill weather and my road is unpassable by car. So I wait for the weather to pass finding ways to dig deeper into my soul and just be human in the moment. 

I don't have internet where I live I have limited cell phone service, so sometimes I am unreachable. Let me tell you it feels so good to do things in my own time, I respond in my own time, I don't feel pressured to follow social norms to fit in. Every part of my life is revolved around nature. Even my passions revolve around nature and the way the weather is (although I do hike every morning regardless the weather). I go out every single rainy day, every below zero day, and walk the land that challenges me.

You don't have to sell all your things and hop off the grid and dwell in the middle of the woods to experience Mother Nature.

Here are some ways to help you connect with nature in your life: 


1. Take mindful walks.

No matter where you live you should be moving your body and getting outside every day. Start by taking sometime in the morning maybe before work take a stroll and be mindful in the moment don't let your thoughts wander on to the extensive list of things to do. Every step think about walking be in this moment.

2. Turn the electronics off.

I know you have all heard this again and again but its true, the best way to get connected with yourself and nature is to disconnect from the technology. I am not saying you need to take your technology hall it down to the closest body of water and chuck em' in and watch it sink (obviously I have had this thought before). What I'm trying to get is that as awesome as social media, email, instant information in your hands is it comes at a price. The price is your free time, most the time we are using our "down" time or "free" time to check emails which are mostly spam. what you could be doing is turning that device on airplane mode and doing a kick-ass yoga flow, or taking time to garden, water those plants inside take time to reflect and listen to your true inner dialog and you will be more connected to yourself than you ever have been before. 

3. Ground yourself.

If your fortunate enough to live somewhere warm most the year take those shoes off and plant those feet outside in the dirt. Let your body touch the earth and you will cleanse your soul. If its mid-winter-geddon for you then maybe think about hopping on a sled and letting your inner child bring you back to what matters most. take the time to be in nature while having fun the possibilities for fun having outdoors are endless. I personally like to go foraging for birch bark pine needles and what have you. It's like a mini treasure hunt. 

Whatever you do, take time to get away from technology and get outside!

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