What’s in your Day Pack?

By Christa Cooper, Girls Who Hike Nevada Ambassador

Here are my 10 essential day pack items:


1. Bring clothing for all types of weather as mountain weather can change rapidly: I never leave my, gloves, knit hat, pants, down jacket and raincoat at home no matter how warm the weather says it is. 
2. Safety Items: headlamp, small stove, extra lighters, First aid kit & space blanket.
3. Other items: knife & micro spikes
4. My Spot: satellite messaging device.  
5. Extra food and water: such as nuts, bars, dried fruit, electrolytes, I pack 100oz of water always because you just never know! 
6. Extras: always bring my sunglasses sunscreen & trekking poles.
7. Water Purification: a way to have clean water if needed.
8. Know your trails and where you’re going: map, compass or GPS
a. Know what direction you need to be headed both to the summit and back to the trail head. 
9. Toiletry Kit: which also includes a trash bag to help pick up trash while I’m out. 
10. Correct foot wear: The correct shoes for the terrain. 
Bonus: Location of where I am headed: Someone or multiple people know where I am headed. I even leave a post-it on my fridge of where I’m headed and when I plan to return.

There are more/less items that I could bring absolutely, but this is what I found works for me. I know that if anything were to happen or I found myself spending the night out on the trail for some reason I would be prepared. 

How much does all of this weigh? 12lbs is all and that includes water! 

What I have at the car for after hiking comfort is sandals as they are so nice to put on after a long day out! 

Happy Hiking!

Christa is the Ambassador for our Nevada chapter. To join her local meet ups and and discussions in the Nevada chapter, click here.