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Pause for Paws

Even experienced hikers make mistakes out on the trails. As Girls Who Hike Orange County Ambassador, Brandi, says, “I am always open minded to learning at every opportunity and chance. Even if/when some of those experiences don’t go as planned”.

In this blog post Brandi shares an experience while hiking with her two pups that she’s truly learned from.

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10 Life Lessons From Hiking

The trail can be one of our greatest teachers. As Girls Who Hike LA Ambassador Courtney says, “recently on a GWH group hike, someone asked me why hiking is one of my favorite hobbies, and at the time I didn’t have an answer, but as we walked and I reflected, I realized that hiking is important because of the lessons it teaches you about yourself and life”. In this blog post, Courtney highlights 10 life lessons she’s learned from her time on the trails.

What’s a lesson the trails have taught you?

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