Great Summer Reads for the Campsite

By Kate Lanagan, Girls Who Hike Texas Ambassador

This summer, you’ve probably got some extra time carved out for yourself to enjoy the outdoors. Hopefully, that means a peaceful evening here and there to relax under the stars, beside a campfire, or enjoying the quiet in your tent or hammock with a good book. As the readers among us know, a good book can enhance your getaway by setting the mood for relaxation, or for adventure and escapism! So, what’s on your reading list this summer?
At GWH, we especially love great stories about the outdoors that feature female protagonist, both real and imagined. Our list takes you beyond fan favorites “Wild” and “Eat, Pray, Love” to help you get further off the popular reading grid, and includes both fiction and non-fiction to cover all tastes.

My Top 10 Summer Campsite Reads:
1. My Journey to Lhasa by Alexandra David-Neel
2. The Source of All Things by Tracy Ross
3. Terra Incognita by Sara Wheeler
4. West With the Night by Beryl Markham
5. Surfacing by Margaret Atwood
6. Dirt Work: An Education in the Woods by Christine Byl
7. Small Wonder by Barbara Kingsolver
8. Travels With Myself and Another by Martha Gellhorn
9. Four Corners by Kira Salak
10. High Infatuation: A Climber's Guide to Love and Gravity by Steph Davis (Bonus: also by Davis, Learning to Fly)

For even more ideas, check out these great lists by Backpacker Magazine
and Outdoor Research. Share your favorites with your local GWH chapter!
Happy Camping!

Kate is the ambassador for our Texas chapter. You can join her local meetups and discussions through the Texas chapter by clicking here.