"Please, Feed the Hikers": Backpacking Food to Satisfy

by Avery Nicol, Girls Who Hike Central Coast Ambassador

The hunger is real after a long day of out on the trail. Throughout your long trodden adventure there is nothing more exciting than the moments you get to pull out a packed meal.. my precious! *says in Gollum voice. During my last backpacking trip we felt like we went a tad overboard, not only did we bring too much food but the grub we did bring didn’t do the trick to appease my rumbling appetite. With that said, here I have compiled a couple links to tasty meals and treats that you can throw in your pack that will make a cookout fit for a queen (or king) and make your grocery trip a breeze.

On a side note, it is recommended that the average person should carry approximately 1.5 to 2.5 lbs. of food which is about 2,500 to 4,500 calories for each day depending on your individual size, weight and predicted exertion level. More advice and recommended food options listed here by REI expert.

Image courtesy of  REI

Image courtesy of REI

After buying my food dehydrator I started looking at that as being an option as well to create warm meals over the campfire and avoid the bulk and oftentimes wet heavy food items. Some of the best recipes I have found are located on Pinterest; a fantastic resource for all things outdoorsy. The Yummy Life had these freeze-dried menu items that sounded delicious and will undoubtedly become a regular dinner course for my next adventure. Thai peanut noodle with chicken and veggies? HECK YEAH, I’ll take it!  Not only are they lightweight, but healthy to-boot. In the long run, you could save yourself a big chunk of change by avoiding the expensive brands and going the DIY route instead. Just add boiling water and voila! 

Photo courtesy of  The Yummy Life

Photo courtesy of The Yummy Life

If you’re short on time or don’t have the ability to freeze dry, and have access to a Trader Joe’s there are a ton of snacky food items there that are wildly tasty for most any palette. Road Trip the World has conveniently taken photos of these aisles in TJ’s so you can keep an eye out for these as well.

Photo courtesy of  The Roadtrip World

Photo courtesy of The Roadtrip World

-Happy Eating Everyone!

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