Meet our #GWHAmbassadors: Kayla Moxley


Hometown/Current Home: from Sacramento, currently live in Long Beach

What chapter are you an Ambassador for?: Los Angeles

How long have you been apart of Girls Who Hike for?: One year

How did you find the Girls Who Hike organization?: After going on a following spree of outdoor profiles on Instagram, GWHLA popped up on my suggestions to follow. After checking out their Instagram I had to go join the Facebook group.

What made you want to become a Girls Who Hike Ambassador?: I was once a novice hiker and was so afraid to be on the trail alone. At the same time, I was also intimidated by seeing all of these fast, experienced hikers and didn't want to slow any group hikes down. There was an awkward stage where I wasn't sure where I belonged or how to gain experience on the trail. I want to help others gain experience and knowledge of hiking with others in a welcoming way. I love encouraging others to get outdoors and conquer their fears whether it's meeting new people on the trail or hiking solo or both.

How did you get into hiking?: Growing up in Northern California, hiking has always been a part of my life. When I moved to Southern California I thought I was leaving the hiking trails behind and assumed it was all busy city life here. One day at REI, I saw a book called 101 Hikes in Southern California. I was in that awkward stage of not knowing anyone to go hiking with and being afraid to go alone. At the time, I was going through a divorce and wanted to prove to myself I could do outdoor recreational activities solo and I proved myself right! I went down the list of my book and hit the trails with my adventure pup and explored so much of what Southern California has to offer and made some incredible friends along the way!

What's your favorite thing about spending time in the outdoors?: Anytime I find a trail difficult, a little voice pops into my head that I can't do it or I should turn around and not finish. I love the feeling of being able to overpower that inner voice and finish a hike stronger than ever. When out in nature, you find the deep corners of your own mentality and you really get to know yourself and how you think.

List three things you can't go hiking without: First Aid kit, Survival kit, extra water

What do you love the most about being a Girls Who Hike Ambassador?: Meeting new members on our monthly hikes and getting to know them and their adventures in the outdoors. No matter what walks of life we all come from, we create this bond over our love for the outdoors.

What advice would you give ladies who are new to hiking?: Always research the trail and weather conditions yourself and don't rely on someone else to do it. Always bring the 10 essentials and extra water and food. Don't be nervous to attend a group hike if you feel inexperienced. There's only one way to gain experience, am I right?

You can follow Kayla's adventures at and stay tuned for announcements on her group hikes, beginning in September! Click here to join the Los Angeles chapter or click here to view a full list of local groups within the United States!