Morel Mushroom Hunting in Michigan

Have you ever gone hunting for mushrooms while out on a hike? As Girls Who Hike Michigan Ambassador, Denise says, “I got the opportunity to seek out a new hunting spot with an experienced mushroom hunting friend one afternoon. And that is when it happened. I became addicted to hunting morel mushrooms. We only found a few that day, but we kept returning throughout the short season to hunt for more.”

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Hiking With Your Period: Product Breakdown

It’s that time of month again and you have a hiking trip planned. What do you do? Cancel the trip? Go anyways?

As Girls Who Hike South Carolina ambassador, Kailani, says “YES you can hike with your period. I promise with some planning and preparation it will not be as uncomfortable as you think”. In this blog post, she talks about different menstrual products and the pros and cons of using them on the trails

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Hiking Is For Everyone!

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong in the outdoors? Maybe you don’t feel that you’re fast enough, or fit enough, or experienced enough. Maybe those comparisons and self doubt have kept you from experiencing the places you’ve always dreamt of.

In this blog post, Girls Who Hike Iowa Ambassador, Jaylee, says, “I am here to assure you that no one should be excluded to reap the benefits of a few hours in the fresh air.”

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