Our mission at Girls Who Hike is to create a community of like-minded women who can connect, network, and discover together through our local trails.



Girls Who Hike is a national community of local chapters, designed to connect women with other local women, while also allowing non-local ladies to connect with local ladies to obtain information while traveling.


Hiking meetups, buy/sell gear, trail conditions, discussions about the great outdoors, and MORE through our closed Facebook groups. Established in December 2015, it is FREE to become a member and you never have to pay a dime in order to participate in our hundreds of free meetups annually within all GWH chapters.

The #GWHCommunity is a STRONG community centered around constructive and positive interaction. We love our members and treat every member the same, regardless of orientation/race/nationality/background. You can join our free Facebook group and likely find a local member who will meet up with you at a moment's notice to explore a new trail, thanks to our pre-screening system before adding members into the group.

While the strongest chapter is our Los Angeles chapter (16,200 strong as of August 2017!), our other chapters are growing RAPIDLY and we encourage you to join as many as possible.. you never know what photos may inspire you to explore a new location!



We strive to empower, network, educate, and discover. Our inbox is ALWAYS open for comments/concerns/ideas! Shoot us an email at info@girlswhohike.org!


GENERIC INQUIRIES/QUESTIONS: info@girlswhohike.org

SOCIAL MEDIA: morgan@girlswhohike.org


WANT TO SPEAK TO OUR FOUNDER DIRECTLY?: sharron@girlswhohike.org

Thank you for being such an inspiration and connecting so many girls together. I met a group of about 15 young girls that were hiking Colby pass to Mt Whitney and I told their leader about the page to connect and they were all really excited. You’ve truly given a wonderful gift to all these girls that want to connect with other women
I’ve learned everything I know about gear, training, trails, forecast checks, snacking, etc from this group! I still have so much more to learn and I know I’m lucky enough to be in a group that’ll teach me something new everyday! Also, NEVER did I EVER think I’d be climbing peaks in SoCal until I became a part of this group. It’s incredible.
I am learning about beautiful trails I never knew existed. Every post here about hikes are what makes this group exciting! And the best part is getting to meet other fellow hikers.
Because of this group, I was able to connect with [another member] and fulfill my dream of hiking Half Dome. She needed a hiking partner and had a permit and posted in the group looking for someone to hike with. I responded and went and had a great time. If it wasn’t for this group that opportunity would’ve never presented itself. This group is the best.
I’ve learned so much about hiking...never knew how important each little thing is from the right shoes, hydration packs, poles, how to prepare for a big hike, etc. And without GWHLA, I would have never known about how many beautiful trails there are to explore! And the opportunity to meet so many inspiring ladies!
Inspiring, positive, adventurous and genuinely such an amazing group of women. I love how you can check the page at anytime during the day and be able to see hikes you have always dreamed of doing and can find reliable ladies to do them with. Trusted woman providing tips and advice on gear, safety, and specific trails!
I found this group at the perfect moment in my life. Hiking has really helped me find a new sense of strength and body positivity. Thanks to GWHLA I have found so many amazing trails that I never knew existed, and I grew up in LA! The tips and meets ups shared in the group have helped me feel confident to push myself to try new and more challenging hikes.
GWHLA has brought so much joy into my life, meeting like minded women that want to adventure seek as much as I do. I find that I hangout more with my GWHLA friends now that I do my regular friends. These girls build you up and help teach you to be a better person everyday from Mountain clean ups to staying motivated to lose weight. Learning about new places to hike and meeting interesting people with stories like girls who have battled cancer and sicknesses. Thank you GWHLA for giving me and many other girls the opportunity to be free and explore!
Before GWHLA, I was a pretty good single mom, completely afraid of being any more than that.
I’ve met such strong women who completely inspire me to LIVE my life and become who I was meant to be - an awesome mom for sure - but a strong awesome mom who lives life in the moment, hoping to inspire her kids to do the same. My hiking goals have given me a resolve to reach higher in so many other aspects of my life.
I found out that I am not the only freak out there that wants to be on the trails every chance I have. I love this group! I am inspired and try new trails because a member has posted pictures and details. So happy i found this group of awesome group of adventurous mountain women
GWH has been the best Facebook find I’ve ever had. From filling my news feed with beautiful and inspirational hikes to the new friends I’ve met while on the trails, I can’t even describe how good this group has been for my self esteem and as a reminder that I don’t have to take crap. If I can scale a summit, I can do anything.
This group GWH is inspiring group. I can log on and learn something new, or live thru the lives of the more adventures girls & their hikes that I only dream of. It has also help me get out of my 4 walls to meet people & not be afraid. It has so much information that for some it’s normal such as hikes, shoe information, first aid & what to.
Where do I even attempt to begin?! I’m shy and I suffer from a lot of anxiety, which I don’t often share with people. When I first joined, I wasn’t sure when, if ever, I’d work up the courage to be an active participant in the group but I pushed myself to put myself out there and in my wildest dreams, I never could have imagined being so touched by a community of strong, passionate, like-minded women as I am by every girl I meet, every story I hear, and every accomplishment I celebrate with each and every girl on their respective journeys here. I feel like I’ve conquered some of my own fears, learned so much about myself and the treatment of others, been so enriched with knowledge from so many people here, and have made lasting relationships with so many of the women here. This is really a special community of ladies.
I only get on Facebook to check the GWH page! I’ve found friends, motivation and a lot of myself through this amazing group of women
I am always impressed by the camaraderie in this group, where thousands of complete strangers come together under the same hiking passion.
I found GWHLA in the darkest moment of my life and thanks to the wonderful supportive strong women who share and open their hearts. I’m learning that I can be as strong and positive as they are through their struggles. I remember falling and somehow GWHLA has become my net.
Hiking and GWH have taught me that limitations only exist in one’s mind. Aim high, stay laser-focused and you will reach your summit, in a real mountain or in another aspect of your life.
GWH has given me the courage to step outside my comfort zone and grow as a person as well as a hiker. I have discovered so many beautiful places thanks to this group. Although I havent had the chance to attend any of the group hikes, I still feel connected to all the ladies here whether it be a question or a concern or even a great purchase these ladies will show so much enthusiasm and interest. I’m so glad I came across this group.
With this group I was able to conquer more than I could possibly could on my 1st summit hike to Mt Baldy and part of that hike I met two beautiful amazing friends that I picked up on my my carpool route, we connected on personal level ❤️. This year I did Mt Wilson on a group hike and also met more amazing woman this year whom has been guiding me in backpacking and soon we all will conquer SAN Gorgonio in June!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Best part we all hang out as well not hiking related.
Before GWHLA I was in a time of my life that was mostly negative. Since GWHLA I have built this level of confidence to meet others, hike in small or large groups with complete strangers who I have grown to admire. I love what this group does for myself and others....
The #cityslickerchallenge has finally inspired me to conquer my overall inertia, fear of hiking alone, and dread of finding parking at trailheads. I have also gotten much more fit after just a couple weeks of one or two challenge hikes per week! I have also enjoyed getting different perspectives on various parts of LA. I am so glad I signed up for the challenge and hope to continue hiking beyond the scope of the competition!
After being diagnosed with Chiari Malformation (a brain malformation), hiking changed from a fun hobby and great source of exercise to a sort of therapy for me. GWHLA has been pivotal in that “therapy”. I have not only found new friends who share my love for the outdoors, but I have been welcomed into a huge community of amazing women who never fail to lift my spirits!!! So thankful for this group and all the beautiful women who are a part of it!!