- Welcome to Girls Who Hike! If you're new around here, please read the pinned post within the Facebook group and introduce yourself!

- You can pick up your New Member Kit by clicking here. This is an optional purchase and not required in order to participate in Girls Who Hike. Our "membership" is determined by whether or not you're active within one of our Facebook groups.

- We ask for all interaction between members to be positive and constructive to the conversation. Please take an extra step to ensure there are no negative comments, talking down to others, bullying, etc.

- Please leave all political/religious/"hot topics" outside of the group. If it directly relates to hiking/outdoors, please keep all conversation constructive instead of stirring an argument. [Example of an allowed post - listing information for one to contact their local politician to express concern over a new bill pertaining to the outdoors. Example of a not allowed post - venting about how much they disapprove of a new bill pertaining to the outdoors without discussing how one can change it.]

- All advertisements within the groups must be pre-approved via email at info@girlswhohike.org prior to posting. If this step isn't completed, the post is subject to removal.

- There is no network marketing/MLM allowed in the group. Please do not private message other Girls Who Hike members about this as well (without their prior approval). This could result in immediate removal from the group. If this has happened to you, please send a screenshot to info@girlswhohike.org so we can follow up.


- Please utilize the Social Media Sunday thread to post all self-promotion. This includes website links, other group links, company links, Instagram/Facebook Page/Twitter/Pinterest. The only thing that is allowed outside of this are blog posts attached to a hiking experience (see below)

- Posting links to your blog on the main discussion thread are allowed when it is attached to a hiking experience. Example – “I climbed Mount Whitney and it was amazing! Here are some photos.. there are more on my blog if you want to see more…”

- No “GoFundMe’s/fundraising posts/non-GWH group trips/anything that requires money” are allowed in the main feed UNLESS it has been pre-approved through email at info@girlswhohike.org.

- If you have a small business and you would like to offer our members a discount for the services, please email info@girlswhohike.org so we can approve it (and potentially help promote it!)


- Girls are welcome to meet up with other members at their leisure. There are unofficial group hikes on a regular basis and “official” group meetups on a monthly basis. “Official” group meetups are run on an Eventbrite free ticket system and are subject to selling out. It is up to every individual member to assess their own hiking skills before these group meetups and decide what they are capable of completing when it comes to distances/elevation/etc.

- Members are also allowed to create their own group events/hikes. If you are creating a group event/hike, please create an "Event" for it within our Facebook page. This keeps things organized. Please make sure you are giving as MUCH information as possible to other members when creating your own group events. Pretend as if the person reading it is a brand new member who has no idea how the meetups work and has never attended a group hike in the past. Communication is key to success.

- We ask for all group hike leaders to clarify the following in your event description: Trailhead location, adventure pass requirements, whether or not it’s co-ed or kid friendly, whether or not the event is being put on in conjunction with another hiking group or company

- If you are organizing a hike within the group and you need to cancel at the last minute, please try your best to notify all girls prior to the meetup. Post a quick thread apologizing and saying that you need to cancel.. message the girls… text them… whatever gets the message through. We are all adults here. Use courtesy and respect when organizing and when last minute changes happen.

- If you plan on attending a group hike, we must have a GWH Liability Waiver on file for you. If you’d like to do that ahead of time, please go to bit.ly/GWHLiabilityWaiver It takes 60 seconds to fill out. If you show up to a group hike and do not have the GWH Liability Waiver filled out, the group leader has a right to turn you away from joining them at the event. This includes MINORS and GUESTS OF MEMBERS.

- It is recommended for you to review the 10 Essentials and prepare yourself accordingly prior to attending a meetup. Do not show up unprepared. Click here to view the 10 Essentials.

- If you plan on leading a group hike, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure every girl attending has the GWH Liability Waiver on file. If a girl shows up and you let her join without the GWH Liability Waiver on file, you are held responsible for any wrongdoing during the event.

- If you plan on leading an event that requires MONEY from other members for reservations/tickets/permits/campsites/items/etc... we kindly ask for you to run it by info@girlswhohike.org so we can help you out with the rules/guidelines on collecting funds.

Unsure if a member has a GWH Liability Waiver on file? Check the Google Spreadsheets document by clicking here.

Have a question that wasn't covered in the group rules? Shoot an email to info@girlswhohike.org