Group Rules

Welcome to Girls Who Hike! We're so stoked to have you join our community.


Since our community is so large, we rely on all members to keep our groups a safe, positive place to share information. If you see a post that doesn't fall within these guidelines, please report it to the group admins and it will be addressed as soon as possible. 

We kindly ask for members to follow these main rules when contributing to our groups: 

1) Keep it positive. 

2) Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

3) Stay on topic.

4) Refrain from posting about "negative conversations"/"hot topics".

5) Keep it safe. 

6) Report abuse.

7) Don't advertise (unless it's the Social Media Sunday thread).

8) Don't use our groups to recruit for outside services.


- We welcome personal blog links when it's related to the outdoors at all times throughout our groups. All other promotion/advertising, including self-promotion, is limited to our weekly Social Media Sunday thread. 

The Girls Who Hike team reserves the right to remove posts and threads if they do not follow the group rules. This includes, but is not limited to, communication that falls under the following areas:

- contains disrespectful or derogatory remarks about any other member

- contains advice or content that may be damaging/distressing to others

- contains offensive language

- promotes personal beliefs in a manner that is disrespectful to others (we may not always agree, but we can still act like adults about it)

infringes the privacy of another individual

- is racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive, or discriminatory

- advertises products, services, events, or research (that is not approved by GWH prior to posting)

- makes attempts to facilitate private contact with other members for personal gain/recruitment/advertising purposes

- describes or encourages violence, illegal activity, or any other activity that could endanger the safety or well being of others


- We have two types of meetups around Girls Who Hike: official events and unofficial events. Official events are hosted by a member of the Girls Who Hike Ambassador Team and will be labeled accordingly. Everything else falls into the "unofficial meetup" category.

- It is up to the individual to assess their own hiking skills before joining an event. You know your body best and we trust our members to take their experience into consideration when attending a meetup. 

- Members who are putting together an unofficial meetup are encouraged to create a private Facebook Event for it within their closed Facebook chapter. This keeps things organized and helps the other members find it!

- When creating an unofficial meetup, please include the following information:

1) Type of Activity (hiking, snowshoeing, backpacking, camping)

2) Location (the more information the better!)

3) Skill Level/Difficulty Level

4) Equipment Needed

5) Attendance Parameters (Is the event co-ed? Is it kid friendly? Is it dog friendly?)

6) Cost (please see note below)

7) Liability Waiver

NOTE: As the group leader, it is your responsibility to ensure all members participating in the meetup have a GWH Liability Waiver on file. If you fail to check this prior to the event, you are hosting the event at your own risk.

The GWH Liability Waiver is simple to sign and one waiver covers you for all meetups!


 There is a level of inherent risk that applies to all outdoor/recreational activities, and it is up to every member to do their research/show up as prepared as possible to events created within the group. Always expecet the unexpected.. that's what makes the great outdoors so unique! Girls Who Hike is NOT responsible for unofficial meetups and does not oversee them. Please attend at your own risk. 


EVENTS THAT COST MONEY WITHIN GIRLS WHO HIKE: Sometimes, members will put together unofficial events that require money for reservations/tickets/permits/campsites/etc. These events MUST be run by Girls Who Hike prior to posting. Failure to do so will result in removal of the event from our closed group(s). 

Here at Girls Who Hike, we try our best to hit the trails prepared and respect our local/federal laws while spending time outdoors. Here's a few links in order to do so!


Unsure if a member has a GWH Liability Waiver on file? Check the list by clicking here.

Have a question that wasn't covered in the group rules? Shoot an email to info@girlswhohike.org