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California Inland Empire - Etiwanda Falls

This Hike is led by GWHIE Ambassador Shannon Case-Alvarez! 

If you are a registered member and have your punch card, don’t forget to bring it so I can initial it! 

If you’re not a registered member, you’re more than welcome to attend anyway! You can find out more about how to become one and get a punch card of your own here: 
I will not be handing out punch cards at this event. They’re available through purchase of a New Member Kit only. 

Etiwanda Falls
Trail Rating: GREEN: Mellow hike, easy to follow, elevation gain of 1,000ft. and under, low altitude. Novice hikers welcome! We will hike as ONE group. 2L of water required.
Date: March 15, 2019
Time: 8:00AM
Distance: 4-ish miles
Elevation Gain: ~820 feet
AllTrails Track:
Water Required: 2L

Dogs: No
Permits / Passes: No
Trailhead Coordinates / Address: 4890 Etiwanda Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739
Eventbrite Password: GWHIE
Kids: No
Men: No

*This is a turtle hike, we will go slow and take as many breaks as needed. We will hike as ONE group. This will be a great hike for those just getting into hiking or those who hike at a slower pace. Minimal conditioning required. 

This out and back trail starts out fairly flat for .25 mile before reaching a steady incline for approximately 1 mile and then leveling out again shortly before the waterfall. After a break, we will continue beyond the falls where we will need to complete an easy climb/crawl approximately 10 feet up a dirt/rock section before reaching another level section of trail. This section of the trail is much less trafficked and winds through the canyon along the creek for another .3 miles. There are a few creek crossings above the falls but they are over shallow water and are easy, requiring either stepping completely over the creek, stepping on a few rocks, or walking over tree branches and 2x4's.

No special hiking gear is required for this event, regular shoes with a bit of grip will work fine. I do suggest a hat as this hike is completely exposed before the falls, it is well shaded after. Please bring water, and a snack if you'd like!

**As with all GWH events, you must sign the GWH waiver before attending – it takes less than a minute to sign, and once you’ve signed it once you’re good to go for all future meetups***