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Florida - Leon Sinks Geological Area

This event is led by GWH Ambassador Christienne Adrick!

Leon Sinks Geological Area is underlain by a layer of limestone, eroded and dissolved by rainwater and groundwater to form caverns, holes, and tunnels in the limestone. This type of terrain is called "karst" and results in many geological features such as wet sinkholes, depressions, natural bridges, and a disappearing stream. For more info: 

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Leon Sinks Geological Area
Trail Rating: GREEN: Mellow hike, easy to follow, elevation gain of 1,000ft. and under, low altitude. Novice hikers welcome! 2L of water required.
Date: Saturday, February 9
Time: 8:00 AM
Distance: 4.4 miles (outer loop of Gum Swamp and Sinkhole Trails)
Elevation Gain: 114 ft.
Alltrails Track: (Note that this track is only for Sinkhole and Crossover Trail)
Water Required: 2L per person
Kids: Yes
Men: No
Dogs: Yes, on a leash
Permits / Passes: $3/vehicle entrance fee
Trailhead Coordinates / Address / Directions: 30.30672471,-84.34506377
From Tallahassee, take US 319 south about 7 miles and turn right at the sign for the Leon Sinks Geological Area.

Password: GWHFL

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