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Utah - Crystal Hot Springs

This event is led by GWH ambassador Elyse

*Full disclosure: This is not a hike!* Just a fun way to get outside and connect with likeminded individuals. 

Also, I plan on getting dinner after this (something healthy so if anyone has any healthy suggestions close-by please send me a pm)

Crystal hot springs was chosen because it has the highest mineral content of any hot spring in the world!! So come ready to relax, and please read below in what to bring! Warning, you will feel ultra relaxed after going here! (Perfect way to start a new week!) 

I live in West Valley and this hot springs is only an hour from my house, I can also bring 3 other ladies if anyone wants to ride with me! Please do try to carpool (thinking ecofriendly here) but they do have a huge parking lot as well so that won't be an issue. 

What to bring:
1.) Entrance fee is $9 so have that in mind
2.) Please bring your own towel, or you can rent one from them but that is an additional fee
3.) A lock for a locker if you want to use one, they do have showers so if you want to do that after (I will be) bring that stuff.
4.) Lots of water! The hot water is super dehydrating so bring a lot of water to drink. I bring two at least two nalgenes full (72oz). They don't allow glass for obvious reasons so please bring nonglass water bottles! 
5.) Watershoes if you want them (I personally only bring flipflops for the shower after) 
6.) Bathing suit (yes, I edited the whole details section to add this...please don't actually forget your bathing suit haha)

The plan is to meet at 1:30 and then soak until 4:30-5 and head out to get a healthy dinner, so if you can't meet us exactly at 2 it's perfectly okay just shoot me a message and ill let you know who to look for! 

Here's the website with directions and all, can't wait to see you all:

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