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Tennessee - Stringers Ridge

This hike is led by Girls Who Hike Ambassador Victoria Godwin! Join Girls Who Hike TN and ring in the New Year with a First Day Hike! Bring your friends and family along!

If you are a registered member and have your punch card, don’t forget to bring it so I can initial it! 
If you’re not a registered member, you’re more than welcome to attend anyway! You can find out more about how to become one and get a punch card of your own here: 
I will not be handing out punch cards at this event. They’re available through purchase of a New Member Kit only. 

Date: Saturday, December 15th
Time: Meet at the Spears Ave Trailhead at 2 pm EDT. Will start at 2:15 sharp.
Distance: 4ish mile loop
Elevation Gain: <500 ft
Hike Description: We will hike up the spur trail from the Spears Ave trailhead to the Double-J trail, hop on the Gig City Trail, then up the paved Cherokee Trail to a beautiful overlook showcasing downtown Chattanooga and Lookout Mtn, We will finish the hike with a short jaunt on the Bessie Smith Strut trail before returning to the parking area via the Spears Ave spur trail. 
Trail Rating: GREEN: Mellow hike, easy to follow, elevation gain of 1,000ft. and under, low altitude. Novice hikers welcome! 
AllTrails Description:
Trail Map:
Water Required: 2L
Dogs: yes, must be leashed
Kids: yes
Men: yes
Permits / Passes: no
Trailhead Directions: From Cherokee Blvd on North Shore, turn onto Spears Ave (near Big Chill and Grill) and follow the road all the way until it dead ends. The parking lot is at the very end of the street and is large. There are bathrooms but they are often closed in winter.

***As with all GWH events, you must sign the GWH waiver before attending – it takes less than a minute to sign, and once you’ve signed it once you’re good to go for all future meetups***