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Los Angeles - Tails & Trails Dog Friendly Series - Westridge

This dog friendly series is led by LA Ambassador Mia Svenson! 

*Please note that while this series is geared towards dogs and their people, dogless people are more than welcome to attend as well!* 

ADULT DOGS ONLY: Puppies who have not reached full physical maturity and are under the age of 1 year old are NOT allowed. This is a safety and health concern for your puppy. Repeated physical strain before a puppy's bones have fully ossified can lead to bone malformation and is a leading cause of osteoporosis, hip dysplasia and arthritis in adult dogs. 

AUGUST HIKE: Mandeville Canyon Trail to Nike Missile Base
Trail Rating: GREEN: Mellow hike, easy to follow, elevation gain of 1,000ft. and under, low altitude. Novice hikers welcome!
This hike is suitable for all dogs. 
Date: August 25th
Time: 6:00 AM
Distance: 7 Miles
Elevation Gain: 1,000 feet
Trailhead Coordinates / Address: 34.08556, -118.50895
Off Leash / On Leash: Off leash area
Permits / Passes: None
AllTrails Track:
Kids: No
Men: No

***As with all GWH events, you must sign the GWH waiver before attending – it takes less than a minute to sign, and once you’ve signed it once you’re good to go for all future meetups***

We will be following the LNT principles for hikes on this series. You are REQUIRED to pack your dogs poop out regardless of whether or not the poop bags are biodegradable. 

Friendly adventure pups only please! Some arguments between our pooches may happen, but if your dog has a history of being unfriendly or attacking other dogs, please leave him or her at home. 

If your dog is nervous around other dogs and you're trying to socialize him or her, you're welcome to bring him along, but he or she will be required to wear a yellow bandana. This is part of the yellow ribbon project, and let's other owners know that your dog may need a little bit of extra care when being approached. 

Your dog needs 1.5 -1.7 oz. of water per pound of body weight over the course of a 12-hour day. 
Math is hard and I hate it, but in this case, it’s absolutely worth it. I use 1.5 oz. of water per pound of body weight if the weather is under 70 degrees, and 1.7 oz. of water per pound of body weight if the weather is over 70 degrees. 

The formula to use here is: [(weight of dog x 1.5 oz.) / 12 hours] x the hours you will be hiking. 

Here it is step by step with my dog’s stats: 

50 lbs. x 1.5 oz. = 75 oz.
75 oz. / 12 = 6.25 oz. per hour
So, if I’m hiking for 7 hours in cooler weather, my dog will need 43.75 oz. of water. 


Any updates will be posted on the event thread via the pinned post, and I’ll update the event description if anything changes!