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Kentucky - Marina Main Trail to Green River Lake

This event is hosted by Girls Who Hike Ambassador Daniella (cell # 661-644-9910) 

One of our meetups in August will be at Green River Lake, specifically the Marina Main Trail in Campbellsville, KY! 

Dogs are welcomed on the hike, but please leave the guys at home! This hike is over 4 miles, so young kids might want to stay at home. If you believe your child can handle this hike than feel free to bring them! 

Trail Info: 
Marina Main Trail is a 4.5 mile loop with less than 500ft elevation gain located near Campbellsville, Kentucky that features a lake and is rated as easy.

GWH Trail Rating System: 
GREEN: mellow hike, easy to follow, elevation gain of 1,000 feet or less and under low altitude. Novice hikers welcome!

Meeting Location/Time: The trailhead is located at boat ramp near campgrounds, travel west-southwest to bike parking area and marina,

***As with all GWH hikes, you must sign the GWH liability waiver before attending - it takes less than a minute to sign and once you have signed you’re good to go for all future hikes! ***

Trail Link: