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Florida - Black Bear Wilderness Area Trail

This hike is led by GWH FL Ambassador Jessica Boardman

The first 10 members to arrive will receive the giveaways at this event.

Trail Rated: 7.3 mile lightly loop rated moderate. The loop trail may be very muddy and extremely slippery if there's recent raining.

The password is GWHFL

Address: Black Bear Wilderness Area
5381 Mighigan Ave
Sanford, FL. 32771

Dogs must be on leash
Kids - Girls above 14 years old are permitted.
No men

All trails Track:

Please sign the GWH waiver before attending. It takes less than a minute to sign and once you've signed it. Then you're good for all future events.

Please bring 2L of water, snacks and bug spray. You'll need them to keep you going with your energy to boost up and don't let bugs bite you.