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California Orange County - Climb For Heroes

Climb For Heroes Annual Fundraiser. Meeting at 7AM and no later please! 

Please read all of this before signing up. There are strict guidelines to register. I am more than happy to answer questions that are not on the website or in this event description. Please take time to read. 
Our team will most likely be capped at 25 hikers! 
I will send out a notification when you can begin emailing me to sign up when The Heroes Project has launched the fundraising link! 

Lets climb Mt. Baldy and raise money for wounded veterans. This hike is open to all GWH members of all chapters but this is a CLOSED GWH event meaning only members are allowed. Also you MUST REGISTER to hike. I will be creating a team for us and other friends where we can all raise money to together so please feel free to share the link. All the funds raised go to The Heroes Project for wounded veterans and all donations are tax deductible. 


How to register? If you are interested in joining our team do NOT automatically join on crowdrise fundraising page without EMAILING me first. This is so I can keep track of which women are signed up and hold you accountable for your fundraising goal and also make sure you acknowledge there is a minimum fundraising requirement. If you sign up without emailing me, this happened a lot last year, I’m going to delete you from the team (sorry but I spent approximately 100 hours on this event last year and this needs to be streamlined) 

My email address is

What is Climb for Heroes?
Climb for Heroes is a non-competitive, family friendly day hike accessible to all fitness levels and age groups. Children, dogs, and elderly will be participating. You can climb with friends and family, form a team, or come alone and meet other climbers at the event. With a minimum donation of just $100 per participant, Climb for Heroes is accessible to everyone. You can pay in full today when you register, or register for free now and fundraise to meet your goal. BUT, don't stop at $100! There are GREAT prizes for highest fundraisers and without your incredible fundraising and your foot stomping, we wouldn't be able to continue our important work.

What does the day look like?
Event check-in and base camp are located at the trailhead at the top of the Mount Baldy Ski lifts parking lot. Check-in begins at 8:00 am and will continue until 10:00 am. Tender Greens restaurant will supply breakfast and the all-important coffee. You just need to bring water, your hiking daypack, a credit card for incidentals, and your fun self. Once you’ve checked in, you can start your hike at any point. Camp 1 will be a mere 30 minutes to an hour from Base Camp). At Camp 1, hikers will receive a coin that will be exchanged for a Heroes Project t-shirt at the end of the day. Camp 2 is located another 45 minutes up the mountain and provides an excellent resting point for refreshments at The Notch (the Mount Baldy restaurant), a picture opportunity, or a chair lift down. Hikers can turn around here, or continue on to Camp 3. At each camp (there are five total – including the summit) participants will receive coins redeemable for goodies at the end of the day. Mt. Baldy is 10,064 feet and a little less than 6 miles UP. Don’t worry, we have our veterans situated strategically on the mountain to provide you with inspiration and motivation. But, you can come down at any point, trade your coins for schwag, and hang out with us at base camp eating delicious food (Tender Greens will serve an after hike snack), enjoying beautiful weather and mingling with really good people.