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Tennessee - Lost Creek Falls and Cave

Hey everyone, I'm Jenny, one of the GWH TN Ambassadors. I'm so excited to lead this hike to one of my favorite places. I've always explored this area with my kiddos so, I'm stoked to get to go further into the cave this time with you guys!

We will be hiking .2 miles to the Lost Creek Falls. Then, we will spend time exploring the Lost Creek Cave (one of TN largest caves). This cave is often recommended for beginners and has a high ceiling leading to the 40 foot waterfall within the cave. There are several miles to explore, but we will be hiking to the waterfall and back. It is very rocky requiring you to use your hands climbing over boulders. Everyone will need to bring a headlamp, backup light source (like a flashlight, all with fresh batteries), and a helmet of some sort. If we have time, we can also do the hike across the street to Rylander Cascades. 

The first 10 girls to arrive will receive a fun GWH giveaway!

PERMIT: We will need permits to hike into the cave. I will be posting on the event page with details on this!

LIABILITY WAIVER: Don't forget to sign the waiver if you haven't already!-

FUN FACT: Disney filmed some scenes from the Jungle Book here!! The parking lot at the trailhead was built by the film crew to make it easy to get equipment down into the sink hole.

MEN: no
KIDS: no