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Ohio - Nelson Kennedy Ledges State Park

This event is hosted by Girls Who Hike Ambassador Nicole Brown! The first 5 attendees to arrive will receive special Girls Who Hike giveaways before the hike starts. This hike is open to hikers of all skill levels. We’ll be hiking as a group, and nobody will be left behind or forgotten. 

Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park
12440 State Route 282 Garrettsville, OH 44231

I am planning for us to do the Yellow, White, and Blue Trail :)

Yellow Trail:
Length: .75 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Attractions: Waterfall, recess cave, cliffs
Trail Description: This trail takes you to Cascade Falls, the largest waterfall in Nelson Ledges state park. The trail there follows yellow blazes through the ledges and through Dwarf Man's pass. Dwarf manspass is a boardwalk where you basically have to get down on your hands and knees to get through. 

White Trail:
Length: 1 mile
Difficulty: Easy
Attractions: Cliffs, Waterfall
Trail Description: The White Trail takes you to another waterfall in Nelson; Minnehaha Falls. This waterfall drops about 15 feet into a gorge below it. The white trail starts at the parking lot and goes left, walking across the top of the ledges, when you reach a junction in the trail, go right, this will take you to the waterfall

Blue Trail:
Length: .75 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Attractions: Cliffs, caves
Trail Description:
This trail takes you to the Icebox as well, but it is for those who don't particularly like tight spaces. 

Link to trail map:
All Trails:

Meeting location: PARKING LOT. If anyone has any questions about the location please let me know. 10:45am SHARP! Starting at 11am!

Hey Ladies! I am soooo excited for this hike! I’ve never been to this park but I’ve heard great things so it’s going to be awesome. I will update you with more information leading up to the hike via this Facebook Event, so keep an eye out for posts! 
Dogs: No
Men: No
Children: No

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