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New Hampshire - Webster Jackson Loop

This vent s osted y irls ho ike mbassadors Haley Heinrich and Victoria Weigold! ll attendees ill eceive pecial irls ho ike iveaways efore he ike tarts.

Mount Webster and Mount Jackson via Webster Jackson Trail and Webster Cliff Trail
Crawford Notch State Park
6.5 Miles Total / oop
Total Elevation Gain: Approx. 2,500 ft
Meeting Location: Crawford Station 9:00 am sharp! We will head to the trailhead together at 9:15am!
GWH Trail Rating - 
YELLOW/RED: Moderate to Strenuous Hike that is well signed with elevation gain above 2000ft, Novice to Experienced Hikers welcome! We've given this hike an in between rating because, although it is mainly considered a moderate hike, it does get steep and rocky at times!

Hello ladies! Haley and I are very excited for our first hike with you and can't wait to get to know you. We wanted to meet you all at Crawford Station for a short get together before we make our way over to the trailhead. We will keep you updated with more information on this hike via this Facebook Event, so keep an eye out for posts! For this hike, you can't bring your men, but you can bring your dogs!

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