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Colorado - Sky Pond

This vent s osted y irls ho ike mbassador Jessy Shouse. 

We will meet at the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center at 6:30 am and head into the park together in as few of cars as possible. 

Attendees will eceive pecial irls ho ike iveaways efore he ike tarts.

Sky Pond via Glacier Gorge Trail
Glacier Gorge Trail Head, Bear Lake Road, East side of RMNP
8.5 miles, Out & Back
1780 ft elevation gain
10,900 ft final elevation 

GWH Trail Rating: Red/Black
NOTES: Personal rail ap, plenty of water, traction devices (at minimum) EQUIRED. here will be a trail ap & ater heck t trail-head efore e egin. We ay plit p ased n ace nd ou ust e comfortable avigating olo etween est reaks. We'll do our best to partner up if needed. mall roups nly.

***In rder o ttend n fficial eetup, ou UST ave igned iability aiver on ile. lease ee he roup ules or etails/link o ign. t akes 0 econds o complete nd ne aiver lears ou or ll eetups!***