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New York - Hunter Mountain

This is the THIRD of 5 of Fire Towers we’ll be climbing over the coming months! This is a hike of ~9 miles (depending on what we chose) with an elevation of 4,071 ft. This will count towards our Fire Tower Challenge, and is a High Peak for the Catskill 3500!

As a reminder this is a group hike, so we stay together. We also adhere to Leave No Trace - so we pack everything out - including dog poop!.

PARKING IS EXTREMELY LIMITED. If you can carpool, please carpool

I added the GPS coordinates of the parking area to this event, but you can find more information about the falls here: Please arrive 10 minutes early and look for my covered in stickers Nissan Altima (Gold). You can reach me at 845.263.6637 if you have any questions or wish to carpool! Reception at both the lot and the trail can be spotty, so if you think you’ll have questions send them early! This is a ladies only event and you can bring your pups if you have them (They have to be on a leash)! Poles and spikes should be brought if you’ve got them.

Make sure we have a waiver on file for you if you’ll be hiking with us that day (it’s a requirement)! Fill it out here: