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Los Angeles - Tails & Trails Dog Friendly Hike

This dog friendly series is led by LA Ambassador Mia Svenson! 

If you are a registered member and have your punch card, don’t forget to bring it so I can initial it! If you’re not a registered member, you can find out more about how to become one and get a punch card of your own here:

*Please note that while this series is geared towards dogs and their people, dogless people are more than welcome to attend as well!* 

ADULT DOGS ONLY: Puppies who have not reached full physical maturity and are under the age of 1 year old are NOT allowed. This is a safety and health concern for your puppy. Repeated physical strain before a puppy's bones have fully ossified can lead to bone malformation and is a leading cause of osteoporosis, hip dysplasia and arthritis in adult dogs. 

 Big Horn Mine from Grassy Hollow

Trail Rating: Yellow Hike: While this is a moderate hike, it may be challenging for some due to elevation gain of over 1,000 feet, some unmarked trails, and distance of over 5 miles. Novice hikers welcome!
This hike is suitable for all dogs. 
Date: November 4th 
Time: 6:00 AM
Distance: 9.2 Miles
Elevation Gain: 1,486 feet
Trailhead Coordinates / Address: 34.37522, -117.72304
Off Leash / On Leash: On leash
Permits / Passes: Adventure pass required
AllTrails Track:…/big-horn-mine-from-grassy-hollow
Kids: No
Men: No