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Florida - Black Rock Beach

This hike is led by GWH Ambassador Whitney Jones!

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Black Rock Beach at Big Talbot Island
Trail Rating: GREEN: Mellow hike, easy to follow, elevation gain of 1,000ft. and under, low altitude. Novice hikers
welcome! 2L of water required.
Date: 10/27/2018
Time: 7:30 am
Distance: 3 Miles
Elevation Gain: None
Water Required: 2L
Dogs: No, dogs are not allowed on this beach
Permits / Passes: $3 for parking
Eventbrite required:
Eventbrite Password: GWHFL
Trailhead Coordinates / Address: 30.494167737526, -81.438367691562
Kids: Yes
Men: No
More Info:

Black Rock Beach is one of my favorite beaches in Florida! This will be less about hiking and more about exploring one of the natural wonders of Florida. This event is open to children since it's a beautiful beach playground they'll enjoy. There will be a very short half mile hike from the parking lot though a shaded trail to arrive at the beach itself. Once we arrive we'll explore Boneyard Beach where old trees have fallen on the beach and have been bleached by the sun and salt water. Then we'll retrace our steps to Black Rock where we can explore the black rock itself which is acutally compressed sand and decayed leaves. I guestimate we'll do around 3 miles of walking exploring this beautiful beach. Please bring $3 for parking at the trailhead.

Please be sure to bring at least 2 liters of water per person and lots of sunblock. There is no shade on the beach, so sun protection is important.

***As with all GWH events, you must sign the GWH waiver before attending – it takes less than a minute to sign, and once you’ve signed it once you’re good to go for all future meetups***


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