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Orange County - San Gorgonio

Come tackle the highest peak in Southern California with GWHOC Ambassador Melia!

Date: Friday, October 26

Time: 5:45 a.m. meeting time, 6:00 a.m. start time

Mileage: ~18 Miles 

Elevation gain: 5,800 ft.

Rating: Difficult!!!
GWH Rating: Black 
GWH RATING- BLACK: Experienced hikers ONLY, unmarked trail/easy to get lost, 9,500ft.+ altitude, 3,000+ft. elevation gain. At least 5L of water required

Alltrails track:

ROUTE: Vivian Creek (you can find more info and are encouraged to read up on the hike here:

Trailhead Address: Vivian Creek Trail Parking Lot, Falls Road, Forest Falls, CA
*Adventure Pass REQUIRED*

*This is a GWH members only hike, no guys, kids or pets for this one!

Password is GWHOC

PACE: Looking to keep about a 2 mph pace. Please take the strenuousness of this hike seriously and always remember it is OKAY to start off with a smaller hike to work your way up to advanced hikes. We will never leave a girl behind on the trail, but please be considerate of our desired pace for the hike as this is a hard hike!

Required: 4-5L water, snacks, layers, headlamp, first aid kit, trail map (either digital or physical), sunscreen, and a great attitude!
Recommended: electrolytes, trekking poles, and a buff or bandana
10 essentials:

WAIVER: ***As with all GWH events, you must sign the GWH waiver before attending - it takes less than a minute to sign and once you do, you’re good to go for all future meetups***

WEATHER: My go to site for mountain weather:

1. Register for the event by getting a free eventbrite ticket: 
Password is GWHOC
2. Sign the GWH liability waiver:
3. Please read up on the hike & ensure you are prepared for this hike by doing a smaller prep hike, bringing your ten essentials, and a great attitude!

If you are a registered member and have your punch card, don’t forget to bring it so I can initial it! 
If you’re not a registered member, you’re more than welcome to attend anyway! You can find out more about how to become one and get a punch card of your own here: 
I will not be handing out punch cards at this event. They’re available through purchase of a New Member Kit only. 

Any updates will be posted on the event thread via the pinned post and I’ll update the event description if anything changes :)

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