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So, you're ready to join our army of over 60,000 women across the United States? We're excited to have you on board!

Becoming a member of Girls Who Hike is easy... and the best part? It's FREE to join.

STEP #1: Join one of our Facebook chapters.

We have a closed Facebook group for every chapter... this is where the magic happens! The girls are chatting 24/7 - buy/sell gear, trail conditions, local resources, discussing new places to hike, putting together events, and more. If you don't have Facebook, that's no problem... but we'll be honest with you, the Girls Who Hike community truly lives online within these closed Facebook groups. 

Don't have a Facebook or prefer to stay off of Facebook in general? Go ahead and skip to the next step... 

STEP #2: Grab a New Member Kit to make it 'official'.

This step is optional if you're already in a Facebook chapter, since all event coordination happens online through our closed groups. If you want to receive regular event notifications through email, our New Member Kits start at only $5 and include access to those email blasts. 

New Member Kits include: Girls Who Hike sticker, Welcome Letter (including ongoing member discount through our online store that never expires), optional Girls Who Hike patch, our weekly Member Newsletter, and access to the National Events Calendar.

Why do we charge for access to the National Events Calendar? We have over 100 official meetups a month combined throughout all Girls Who Hike chapters and it takes a team to make that happen. We also want to make sure our events stay closed/private to members only, so this ensures that the event information doesn't go out to anybody! 

STEP #3: Join the group discussions, attend our events and have fun!

Enjoy all of the benefits of being a Girls Who Hike member by participating in regular group conversation, asking questions, giving advice to other members, attending our regular events, and being a positive member throughout the forums. What you get out of Girls Who Hike is largely dependent on what you put into the group... don't be afraid to join new chapters for places you've been dying to explore, offer to join a newbie on a slower hike to network/make new friends, give words of encouragement to another member who had a rough day on the trails. We're proud of our community and wonderful members engaging on a daily basis within... we can't wait for you to join us on a future meetup!


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