Girls Who Hike Team:

(pictured climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with the Girls Who Hike/WHOATravel crew in August 2017)

(pictured climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with the Girls Who Hike/WHOATravel crew in August 2017)

Sharron McBride

Founder |

A born and raised Southern California native, Sharron was no stranger to her local trails. She only had one problem: she had a strong desire to dive into deeper, more advanced trails and a lack of female friends who enjoyed the same thing. She created Girls Who Hike with one simple goal in mind: to meet other ladies she can get outdoors with. Since the community's inception, she has traveled all over the United States and to multiple international destinations for Girls Who Hike events, all while spreading the word about the contagious, energetic organization that has become her full-time passion project. She is a firm believer that if she can be inspired by watching another girl get outdoors, then other ladies can receive the same results with her work towards nourishing and growing the Girls Who Hike community. Sharron currently lives in las vegas, nevada and spends her work days as a realtor when she’s not spending time outdoors.


Mia Svenson

Events Coordinator |

Mia is the behind-the-scenes conductor behind our 100 official meetups/month throughout the united states. She assists sharron in running the ambassador program and ensures all events are being executed to the gwh standard that we know + love. mia is also an ambassador for the los angeles, ca chapter.

Los Angeles Moderators



As a competitive rock climber growing up, Courtney is no stranger to the back country. She currently spends her free time exploring the beautiful hiking trails California has to offer.



Becky @justbexpix

Becky is a Land Supervisor who doesn't live in LA (but might as well!). She enjoys hiking with her basset hound and friends new and old throughout California and back home in New Mexico.


Cathleen @_catflores_

I'm Cathy, currently living in Costa Mesa. I work for the City of Long Beach but spend most of my spare time on mountain trails. I'm a proud dog mom of a handsome 4 year old morkie named Grizzy. Favorite place has to be Yosemite. Looking forward to meeting other women who hike.



Kara is a Wisconsin native, currently living in Santa Monica. She is in school at CSUN, working towards getting her teaching credentials for elementary education. She enjoys watching sports, going on adventures around Los Angeles, and all things nature related!



My name is Sarah, and my husband and I love hiking! A few years ago I started trail running as a way to lose weight, and I gained a new love and lost a lot of lbs (135 lbs actually over the course of 1.5 years). I'm currently working on conquering the 6-pack with my husband, but our big dream/what we're working towards is knocking out the PCT and AT.



Thanks to Girls Who Hike, Heather rediscovered her love for hiking this past year! When she isn't working at the DA's office, she spends her time learning to rock climb, hiking, running around at Disneyland, or trying out new Pinterest recipes! Weekends are free game, and she's always up for a new adventure!



I'm just a SoCal born and raised girl who's found a love for the mountains. Hiking is not just a trend to me, it is a lifestyle; it keeps me sane and healthy- it's my therapy. As Gerard Way puts it, "one day your life will flash before your eyes... make sure it's worth watching."



Many things can be said about Allyson. She sneaks whiskey on long hikes, will always have a "that's what she/he said" joke hidden behind her tongue and have the next adventurous quest created before the first one's over. Her passionate lust for the zealous adventures of life have carried her to Los Angeles from Washington State, careering as showroom director for a custom hardwood flooring company in Beverly Hills.